Replacing Your A/C? Consider A Home Comfort System

After a long, distinguished career, your air conditioner is ready to retire.

You’ve shared a lot of summers together, but the inefficiency, high temperatures and uncomfortable indoor humidity have made it time to say goodbye. Don’t think of it as a hassle, think of it as an opportunity.

No matter how much you insulate, weatherproof and prepare, it won’t make much difference if your air conditioner is over 15 years old. Outdated systems can be inefficient, costing you more money each month on your electric bill. If this is the year you decide to take the leap and install a new air-conditioning system, you may be surprised to see just how much money newer technology can save you, even on the hottest days of the year.

An air-conditioning system check-up can go a long way towards keeping you comfortable and energy efficient. Schedule a tuneup that includes indoor and outdoor coil cleaning, an air filtration check, a refrigerant check and a few more things that help your air conditioner not work as hard.

A properly functioning air conditioner is your best defense against a warm, uncomfortable home. If everything is properly adjusted and maintained, and your equipment has the proper refrigerant charge, you will enjoy greater energy efficiency.

Stay cool, comfortable and energy-smart!

PROFESSIONAL AIR DUCT CLEANING: Residential, Commercial, High Rise Condos

Duct cleaning can be done at any time of the year and cleaning is more involved than it sounds. According to Bob Krell, president of IAQ Technologies (Indoor Air Quality), and founder of Healthy Indoors Magazine, “The term duct cleaning is actually a misnomer.” He says the service entails a complete air system cleaning, including filters, registers, grilles, blower motors, heat exchangers and evaporator coils. In extreme cases it may require removing mold and applying antimicrobial agents.

With today’s emphasis on indoor air quality, a cleaning is a good idea at the end of a remodel or while commissioning the HVAC system (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning), as a way to remove insulation fibers, drywall dust and other pollutants from the air stream.

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Winter Is Just Around the Corner, Is Your Furnace Ready?

Winter will soon be here. You should prepare your heating system for the upcoming season.  Call our experts for high-quality furnace repair, maintenance and service.  This will ensure you keep warm throughout the winter. Furnace maintenance is important for everyone.  This way, you could avoid furnace breakdowns or other costly system issues in the cold winter months.


You don’t want to have your furnace abruptly fail during a winter storm; most of us are not ready for that.  An early appointment and preventative maintenance could save you from needing an emergency service and repair.

Furnace maintenance is important for many reasons like keeping up any manufacturer’s warranty. A furnace fan works continuously in winter. Hence, it should be in the best possible condition.  Our professionals will make sure that your fan works properly throughout the season.

Furthermore, the occurrence of corrosion is potentially a major problem for all heating systems. Moreover, cracks can cause the gas to leak resulting in dangerous carbon monoxide entering your home. This is why it’s always a good idea to have an expert examine the furnace.

You should not ignore the furnace in your home. Call us before winter to have your furnace inspected. Our professionals are experts in all furnace repairs. We will help you with all of your furnace repair needs.  Our services are available at affordable prices. For over 25 years, we have helped home owners get ready for winter.  Remember to check your filter before turning your furnace on for the season.  Call us today: East (416) 891-3444 ,West (905) 845-4009

Consult Atlantis HVAC Systems to Help with Your Heating & Cooling Solutions in Oakville

In Oakville, Atlantis HVAC is a name you can trust. We are a prominent local company serving in the area, assisting residents with their heating and cooling needs. With 25 years of continued business in the community, our efforts will always be customer orientated. Atlantis has been changing the way home comfort is being experienced.

We can offer efficiency at an affordable price. Our service and repair team is certified and factory trained so that you can depend on us for year round comfort. We are also associated with a considerable number of manufacturers to streamline your requirements to fit a need for you, your family and your home at an affordable price.

If you need to replace your existing equipment or upgrading to a more efficient unit, consider the energy savings. Heating and cooling costs are over 50% and up to 56% of home owner’s operating expenses. A new thermostat might save you 12 to 15 % in home comfort costs. Saving energy saves you money.

For furnaces and air conditioners, hot water heating and indoor air quality choose a professional you can rely on.

When purchasing new equipment, keep them at peek efficiency with an Atlantis maintenance program. Homes in which regular HVAC maintenance is completed will use at least 15 to 20 percent less energy than those where systems are allowed to deteriorate.

We also offer 24 hour emergency service 7 days a week assisting residential customers and commercial business throughout the area.

We take pride in our products and services. When you call Atlantis you can be assured you’re getting the right advice and equipment that suits you.

How can Atlantis Help with Residential HVAC System Repair & Renovation?

Remember these….Basements were damp, cluttered with low ceilings and designed for little else other than your furnace.

Today we have 9 foot ceilings and basements that are comfort controlled, useable and spacious. New High Tech heating and cooling systems  are designed for high efficiency, occupy a small floor area and extremely quiet.

The Future
Redesigned HVAC systems, prior to renovations, relocates your furnace to maximize useable space, tucked away, making possible the ambience you had intended.

When planning a renovation – call Atlantis and arrange to have a set of HVAC plans engineered for you.

Why is my home so dry in the winter?

When you’re experiencing a cold winter day, and you find your home just isn’t comfortable, even if you crank up the thermostat, the cause may be low humidity, making you feel colder.  Warmer air hold more moisture.

Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air.  General humidity levels can be between 40%-60% but ideally 35%-45% is a recommended range from some experts. Heating your home dries out the air, this can lead to some of the following issues to you, your family and your home:

Excessive static electricity (possible damage to computers and electronics)
Viral infections – colds / flu
Agitation of asthma and allergy problems
Dry skin, irritated sinuses & throat and itchy eyes
Cracks in wood floors
Shrinkage in wood furnishings
Gaps in molding
Wall paper peeling
Loose drawers
Out of tune pianos

Some people try to create homemadesolutions to the dry air problem, these solutions might help a little but some might not be necessarily safe or economical.  For example leaving a pot of water simmering on the stove will add moisture to your house, but that falls into the category of not save or economical and it will not help all areas of your home.  Using room humidifiers can be messy and inconvenient and again doesn’t help cover your whole house.

Whole home humidifiers are simple, efficient and automatic.  Proper levels of humidity in your house results in a more comfortable home, at the same time, using a lower thermostat setting.Atlantis HVAC System has a line of Whole Home Humidifiers that will be right for your home.  Call the professionals at 905-845-4009 / 416-891-3444 or visit us at

Steve Middleton
Service Manager
Atlantis HVAC Systems

6 Reasons for Having Your Furnace Maintenance Done.

Having your furnace serviced before winter will help ensure it continues to run in extreme cold weather. Furnace service experts recommend getting your system professionally checked at least once every year, preferably before winter. Whether it is for safety, comfort or necessity, we rely on our furnace for most of the year. Here are 6 reasons you should make sure it is checked by a licensed technician:

  1. Saves Money in the long run

It is less costly to maintain today’s equipment than it is to do repairs.

  1. Lowers the Likelihood of a Breakdown

You don’t want to have your furnace abruptly fail during a winter storm; most of us are not prepared for that. An early appointment and checkup could save you from needing an emergency service and repair.

  1. Ensures Your Furnace is Running at Peak Performance

Atlantis HVAC Systems will check to make sure that all of your heating system’s various components are in good condition and ready to perform, no matter how cold it gets.

  1. Maintain Maximum Energy Efficiency

There are many benefits to hiring Atlantis to perform an annual furnace service, one of which is that it will help ensure that your system continues to run at its highest efficiency. If you want to save money on heating this winter, a licenced technician can tell you if your system requires repairs or even a replacement.

  1. Protects Your Home & Your Family

All furnaces burn some type of fuel to create heat. Cracks, leaks and vulnerabilities around the fire area could compromise your family’s safety, as a furnace can leak poisonous gas, like Carbon Monoxide, into the home. Havingus check your furnace heat exchanger, your gas burner and gas valve calibration is vital for your family’s safety.

  1. Keeps Your Warranty Valid

A lot of manufacturers require you to have your furnace serviced annually so as to fulfill your warranty.

The working performance of your heating system is not something to take lightly. Furnaces keep your family warm during the winter months, and they should be cared for. When you don’t maintain your furnace properly, you run the risk of potentially costly furnace repairs, not to mention making your family uncomfortable or unsafe.

Ready to book an appointment and service your furnace? For over 25 years we have been helping home owners get ready for winter. Call us today: (905) 845-4009 or (416) 891-3444.

Steve Middleton
Service Manager
Atlantis HVAC Systems

Air Conditioning and the Environment

The HVAC industry, as a whole, is still concerned about the chemicals used in refrigeration units and their impact on the environment, specifically, ozone depletion.HCFC-22 (hydro chlorofluorocarbon, also known as R-22), which has long been the most common refrigerant, is being phased out in the U.S. due to its high potential to exacerbate ozone Refrigerant-HCFC-22-depletion

R-22 is a greenhouse gas that contributes to ozone depletion as it leaks. There is now an agreement to end the use of R-22 by the year 2020. In order to make this transition, R-22 must be recovered and recycled, reclaimed or destroyed. After the year 2020, chemical manufacturers will no longer be allowed to produce R-22 to service existing air conditioners and heat pumps

As R-22 is being phased out, manufacturers of residential air conditioning systems are coming out with equipment that offers ozone-friendly refrigerants or with different types of systems all together. For example, noted Lanners, in Europe and Asia, carbon dioxide heat pumps are increasing in popularity. Other systems are being developed with propane. In the U.S., one manufacturer has introduced a refrigeration system that uses EPA-recognized chlorine-free R-410A refrigerant. Because R-410A contains no chlorine, it is considered ozone-friendly.

At Atlantis HVAC Systems, we pride ourselves with providing a high level of customer service, the latest in heating, cooling and indoor air quality products, but also ensuring we work in a safe and environmentally sound approach to your home comfort needs.

Steve Middleton

Indoor Air Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

Who would think indoor air can be hazardous to your health? Indoor air– a pollutant? Unfortunately, that is often the case, said Steve Middleton, Service Manager of Atlantis H.V.A.C. Systems.

Exposure to air pollutants can be much higher indoors than outdoors, making indoor air quality (IAQ) extremely important. Many common household items contribute to poor indoor air quality. Compounds found in carpeting, furniture, upholstery, and drapery fabric constantly emit fumes. Other sources of pollutants can include cleaning agents, paints, and personal care products.

The tight construction of today’s homes also contributes significantly to poor IAQ.  Things like weather-stripping and storm doors are designed to save on energy costs.  However, they also prevent proper ventilation by keeping indoor air in and outdoor air out. The result can be a build-up of contaminants within the home.

Poor IAQ can be the cause of numerous health problems. Medical groups report that as many as half of all illnesses are caused or aggravated by indoor air pollution. Pollutants within the home can cause homeowners to suffer from flu-like symptoms such as headaches, nausea, and respiratory irritation. Two health problems that can be aggravated by poor indoor air are allergies and asthma.  Even people who have never suffered from allergies can benefit from improved IAQ.Fortunately, several steps can be taken to ensure that your indoor environment is the safest.

“Thankfully, there are things a homeowner can do to help alleviate potential IAQ concerns. The first step toward improving indoor air is to identify the sources of air pollutants,” said Middleton. “Eliminating and reducing these sources are the most effective ways to clean the air. Although it is not possible to remove every contaminant source, reducing the sources and/or the amount of pollutants they emit, will contribute to a healthier living environment.”

A great way to minimize the concentration of pollutants is by thoroughly cleaning the home. Frequent dusting and vacuuming can help to reduce the amount of dust particles in the air.

When you can’t sweep away all the irritants, you should consider a PureAir Air Purification System from Lennox Healthy Climate Solutions.  Pure Air is your best defense against all three classes of indoor contaminants – particles such as dust, microorganisms like bacteria and volatile organic compounds like formaldehyde.

Ventilation also plays an important role in improving indoor air quality. Proper ventilation can reduce the concentration of pollutants inside the home.  An Energy Recover Ventilator (ERV) or Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) can replace stale indoor air with fresher, cleaner outdoor air without sacrificing comfort or wasting energy you’ve spent heating, cooling or dehumidifying it.

Some of the most effective solutions for poor indoor air quality may involve heating and cooling systems. High-efficiency air filters can assist in absorbing particles that otherwise would escape due to their size. These filters help clean the air and provide respiratory relief by removing dust, dirt, and pollen. Other Healthy Climate Solutions products that are available include dehumidifiers, humidifiers, carbon monoxide detectors, and UV lights

To find out more about the most effective methods to improve indoor air quality, call Atlantis H.V.A.C. Systems at 905-845-4009 / 416-891-3444 or go to

Don’t Throw Away Your Money This Summer

(Oakville, Ontario) — Warm temperatures are around the corner — and so is the potential to throw away money. Homeowners can’t afford to ignore their air conditioning equipment because inefficient equipment and potentially costly home cooling problems could equal wasted expenses.

central air conditioning repair old city pa

“Proper care of cooling equipment can keep your unit running efficiently, which saves money and helps avoid costly repairs,” said Steve Middleton, Service Manager of Atlantis H.V.A.C. Systems. “Now is the time to make sure your cooling system will keep you cool without wasting yourmoney.”

Homeowners play a vital role in making sure their cooling systems operate at peak performance to maximize home comfort and money savings. It’s important to realize that operating a dirty unit can cause unnecessary loss of efficiency and can damage the unit.  “A few minor steps are a small price to pay for the high efficiency, which means lower energy bills and improved total comfort,” Middleton said.

A qualified service technician should handle major maintenance tasks, but homeowners can take a few simple steps to ensure their systems are running properly.

Homeowners can
Trim brush and shrubbery near outdoor units to prevent airflow obstruction
Remove grass clippings, leaves and other debris from outdoor coil
Replace indoor unit’s filter as required

“The most effective steps consumers can take to help ensure they’ll get the efficiency they paid for is to contact an experienced, reputable air-conditioning contractor to check their system’s refrigerant charge and operating safety controls,” Middleton said.

For more about how to avoid throwing away your money this summer, call us at 905-845-4009 or 416-891-3444. Atlantis has been providing service in the GTA area for 25 years.